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A Singer-Friendly sequential assessment program of sight reading music for singers in use by several hundred choral directors in elementary, middle school and high school programs.  The package is designed to help you PRE- and POST-test for each singer's skill level with a quick and simple scoring procedure. This instrument allows you to assess the improvement of your music reading instruction for singers.


1. A LIST of criteria for each reading example

2. Scoring Suggestions for immediate results

3. Prep Test of 15 graduated examples to match the criteria list from very simple to very complex music readers in treble and bass clefs.  Some teachers use the Prep Test in the fall to provide a baseline to compare with evaluation in the spring.  Other teachers use the Prep Test as a warm-up prior to the actual test, to help relieve any anxiety students may feel about testing.

4. Actual Test of 15 different graduated music reading examples that match the same criteria list in treble and bass clefs.  This way, students encounter the same type of challenge in each example, yet the music is new - singers are actually reading at sight, not memorizing patterns for a grade.

Help Your Singers get comfortable with achievement!

This evaluation package was carefully developed and tested with input from choral directors in the West Des Moines, IA, school district.  Naturally, administrators seek accountability for your teaching - why not offer that accountability ON YOUR TERMS?  Each example poses one new challenge in pitch or rhythm, yet nearly all students at any level can find some success the first time they sight-read for you.  This way, you can measure progress as well as talent, improvement instead of advantaged singers vs. disadvantaged singers. There is no reason an instrumental student should read music better than a non-instrumental singer - IF you offer dedicated music reading instruction the "Bel Canto Solfeggio" way in each lesson, class or rehearsal.

Inspire a Continuing Curriculum for TEAM teaching:

You know your students will learn best if you and your colleagues offer a coordinated approach to music literacy.  This test can be administered between buildings, i.e.;  from elementary to middle school or from middle school to high school, so teachers discover the effectiveness of their teaching as well as how far each student has progressed through the years.  That is the point, isn't it?  The progress each student achieves during his/her time with you.

Price is $50 for an unlimited License to Copy.  PLATINUM members may obtain this as part of their subscription to the American Music Literacy Association.

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