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The Reading Choir Singer

The Reading Choir Singer is a comprehensive volume created for Choral Directors and Vocal Music Teachers. Instrumental teachers, once they see the vocal/choral progress, often order a copy to use for music reading ginstruction in instrumental lessons too. This promotes TEAM teaching, which benefits everyone.

This book is sold with a License to Copy, which makes it affordable in nearly every setting.  Each chapter offers a significant variety of materials which lead singers to sing beautifully while improving their music reading skills.  This approach integrates sequenced musical development with Bel Canto tone, so your singers look forward to singing memorable melodies as they work with you on each phase of the learning curve.  

Many examples serve as concert and INformance pieces - not one minute of concert preparation TIME is wasted!

Contents include:


Round Readers

Song Readers

Vocal Ease


Each chapter is introduced with teaching suggestions and each page heading lists creative ways for the sight singing instructor to approach the lesson.  The introductory section features John Armstrong's published article "Beyond Survival:  Why Settle for Half a Singer?" and includes suggestions to help you realistically implement inspired teaching.

The Reading Choir Singer is priced at $95 plus shipping, which includes a signed License to Copy. American Music Literacy Association PLATINUM members may purchase The Reading Choir Singer for a reduced price of $65.   PLATINUM members are also able to obtain the entire volume digitally, in PDF format, for use with electronic media, such as smartboards.

Questions?  Write [email protected]  for more information!